Automatic plasma cutting machine series

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

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Plasma Unit of Hypertherm

Plasma Unit of Thermal Dynamic


1.Labor  and materials saving, standardized for the production of components and parts;-威澳门尼斯人5959cc

2. Mitsubishi servo motor or domestic stepper motor (for economic type only); 

3. The maintenance-free guide of Igus from Germany;

4. Sensor switches of Bedook from Germany;

5. Button, breaker and contactor of Moeller from Germany;-新威尼斯误乐城

6. Original US THERMAL DYNAMICS or HYPERTHERM Plasma unit or domestic plasma unit (for economic type only); 

7.  Original U.S AUTO DESK CAM-DUCT software or original Spanish LANTEK duct software .

CNC Plasma cutting machine is mainly used to complete the auto lofting and cutting. You only need to input the size and dimensions in the 2-D or 3-D graphics you need, then the plasma cutting machine will cut the sheet metal into desired shapes automatically. flange, lock forming, the reserved space for large panel stitching can be calculated automatically by the CNC system.