Full automatic production line of cable tray

Cable Tray Production Line ( Economical Type )

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The economical type of cable tray production line developed by Tianjin COORIG Technology Co., Ltd. is composed by three parts: groove tray production line, connecting plate production line, ventilation hole automatic punch production line, it can complete the cable tray production for the width between 100-800mm and height less than 200mm. This line is characterized that the cost of the equipment is much lower than the existing automatic production lines in the market, the production efficiency is much higher than the traditional processing methods of folding and cutting. -威尼斯人棋牌下载入口


Automatic cable tray production line not only can produce the cable tray, it can also produce the cover of the cable tray. It can complete three pieces of two meters long cable tray per minute for uncoiling, leveling, punching, shearing. fully automated production, reduce the labor intensity and saving labor, the whole production line just needs two to three workers to operate, high efficiency and suitable for mass production.

1. A speed adjustable electric decoiler 

2. A main machine 

3. A material feeding platform 

4. A roll forming machine (mainly used to form the cable tray cover) 

5. A material feeding platform

6. A roll forming machine (mainly used to form the cable tray)

7. A material collecting platform 

8. A set of control system-5156.com

9. Optional bottom horizontal bars reinforcing system


This production line is mainly used to complete the groove type cable tray,  processing width: 100 ~ 800mm, height ≤200mm of groove type cable tray. It can also complete the cover production for the cable tray. The production line can complete uncoiling, leveling, punching, shearing and forming automatically.